Patiently I wait for the day
When your eyes are opened
And you clearly see the way,

God has planned for us
To be as one,
To be lovers of Him,
And to each other to belong,

Yet still I must close my eyes
If I wish to see this wondrous sight,
And still I must pray to God
For guidance in love through His light.

What an amazing love we have,
Yet we could have so much more,
If we could but sit back and let our love
Reach full height and crash into the shore,

And let it soak into our souls,
Creating a passion and bond so deep
I cannot be broken through any storm,
And safe in our hearts this love we'll keep.

But patient I must be,
And time I must endure,
For if you and I were meant to be,
God will open up the door.

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